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What version of MagLog do I need, MagLogLite or MagLogPro?
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Last Updated
29th of May, 2015

We suggest that you download the manual for the MagLog software which can be acquired here.   

You may also download the MagLog software in install it from this site

If you would like to try the software out, we can supply you with a temporary Key Code to operate the logger for 30 days.

Additional information:

1.    For the majority of applications, MagLogLite will function to cover all requirements.  The software operates on Windows XP or Vista platforms and logs asynchronous data from multiple serial ports.  For instance, using a Keyspan Serial to USB converter (USA-49WLC, four channels) you could log GPS, magnetometer, altimeter, or other serial transmission.  Each transmission is time tagged and placed in a separate file with the data and time.  This software sells for $2,500

2.    If you are logging a Geometrics magnetometer such as the G-882, then you can use the Setup Wizard to assign serial ports to the mag and GPS and set up the display graphics, etc. Otherwise you can set up the logging parameters manually using Generic Serial Port logging capabilities.

3.    If your application is directed more towards airborne survey, EM61 or advanced marine survey, then MagLogPro will be the software you will want to use.  This version has many different options including drivers for gamma ray spectrometers, radar altimeter, various GPS navigation systems, or in the marine venue, cable pay out indicators or Ultra Short BaseLine tracking sysetms.  It also can log TCP/IP data and act as a retransmitter to send data to another TCP client or serial logger.  This software sells for $5,450.

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