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Connecting a Klein 3000 Side Scan Sonar
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9th of April, 2012

The model G-882 will connect directly to the Klein 3000 side scan sonar. You will have to verify with Klein that your side scan has been set up to work with a magnetometer (power and data link to the multiplexer.) You will also need to get the following items from us (list prices, some items available for rent, certainly items 3 and 4, we are checking on item 2. Item 1 must be purchased):

  1. Klein attachment kit, P/N 50060-01
  2. 9meter umbilical cable for attachment of G-882 to sonar, P/N 50032-60
  3. Magnetometer with depth sensor, P/N G-882
  4. Depending on how you plan on handling the magnetometer data, you may require a copy of MagLogLite, P/N 25472-01
  5. See our website for rental rates.

Normally we employ two computers, one running Side Scan software and one running MagLog. In this way the data is transmitted through the Side Scan with complete transparency, and so MagLog thinks it is listening to a mag. However, bidirectionality is not guaranteed through the SS multiplexor. So we supply the short cable to allow changing the default start up parameters in the 882, and then save, shut down and then connect to the SSS and start MagLog with the retransmitted data.

Please start by checking with Klein to make sure the 3000 is set up for magnetometer integration.

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