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Required Stratagem EH4 User-Supplied Field Survey Items
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2nd of July, 2009

 The following items will be needed for the field work:

 1.  Three 12 Volt car batteries: one for the receiver, one for the transmitter, and one as a spare if needed.

 2.  A set of walkie talkie radios to allow the transmitter and receiver operators to communicate with one another.  If you have cell phone coverage at the site you can use the cell phones instead of walkie talkies.

 3. A good field compass to align the orientation of the magnetic sensors and electric dipoles. A Brunton compass is always a good choice.

 4. Carpenter's level to level the magnetic sensors.

 5. A hammer to pound in the ground stakes in case the ground is very hard.

 6. Several gallons of water in case you have to pour water on the ground stakes in dry soil. 

 7. One 100-meter and one 50-meter tape measures to set up your survey line and measure your E-field dipole lengths.  

8. A computer with an Ethernet card and NETBEUI network protocols installed. This will allow your computer to communicate with the Stratagem console.  The computer must have NETBEUI installed.  Windows XP no longer installs the NETBEUI drivers automatically so they have to be installed separately.  A set of the driver files for Windows XP and instructions about the installation can be obtained from Geometrics, Inc..  Please assure that NETBEUI is installed and working before the training.  There is a blue Ethernet cable (cross-over cable) with the Stratagem EH4 that is used to allow the Ethernet communication between the Stratagem console and a PC and a special addendum to the manual that describes the set up.   The Stratagem EH4 software does not run under Windows Vista, so the computer should have Windows XP or earlier
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