Tow Fish Depth Estimator

Warning:  results are only approximate.  Use this only as a general guide
Actual tow depths may vary considerably!

I am afraid that your browser cannot handle Java code.

Choose your model, cable, and desired units.  Increment the speed (knots), weight (pounds), and cable length (feet).

The speed, added weight, and length may be adjusted by clicking on the right and left arrows.  The amount each parameters is incremented per click is set by the value labeled, “Increment.”  The speed moves in steps equal to the increment, the weight by 10 times the increment, and the cable length by 100 times the increment.

The plot shows the estimated profile of the cable.  The ship is at the upper right of the blue line, the tow fish at the lower left.

The choice of units changes the dimensions of the input parameters as well

June 2002